appraised at SEI:CMMI ML 3

High Performance Processes - Tested & Proven

SCRUM, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and DevOps, High Performance Project Execution


Processes & Practices

Processes and Practices at IMSSPL help us operate at speed and stay ahead in digital world. We adopt, implement and help our clients with adgile practices that meet business requirements. Our processes are focused towards high quality end to end project execution, reduce delivery risks and optimize time to market.

Flexibility - Tools, Technologies & Infrastructure

At IMSSPL, we value flexibility so that we can quickly meet the fast changing demands from our customers. And we achieve flexibility through effective IT resource management including technological architecture, alignment of planning, human resource skills and infrastructure flexibility. Through this, we can give your business the effective IT solution that can provide convenience, speed and freedom to deliver new products and services.

Change Management at IMSSPL

IMSSPL adopts change management methodologies to mitigate risk of failure in implementing its transformational business strategies. We work with different teams to ensure proper change management involving organizational design, technology transformations, outsourcing planning, skill gap assessment, communication strategies and stakeholder analysis.

Continuous Integration, Delivery & DevOps

At IMSSPL, software developers, infrastructure admins, quality teams and deployment teams collaborate right from the beginning of the project throughout the development cycle. IMSSPL's expertise in DevOps and can help customers with

  • Production Environment Automation
  • Enterprise Continuous Delivery & Continuous Integration
  • Test Automation and Contiuous Testing
  • Enterprise Release Management


Helping Customers Shorten the Development Life cycle



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